The Company

FLEXIBLE TAX SERVICES (TAXGATE) is distinguished both for its high standards and for its efficient organization. Combining the latest accounting methods with reliability and professional staff, our company stands out for its efficiency and capacity of the right benefits where appropriate, while we have extensive experience and expertise, which allows us to make guaranteed economic forecasts on a fast-track time developments.


Our philosophy is to provide specialized services and innovative systems focused on customer needs. We make sure that we are always close to our customers and with every action we aim to meet their needs.

Our goal is to satisfy even our most demanding customers always following the most modern techniques and the most comprehensive systems in combination with the long experience and expertise that we offer.

FLEXIBLE TAX SERVICES (TAXGATE) has specialized expertise based on the most  modern accounting methods and a complete portfolio of accounting and tax services, which make TAXGATE more than ready to meet the modern requirements of the market, and to chart a successful course, within a such competitive environment, which is clear and safe for the coming years.